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As an established elder care practice, Kassoff. Lerner & Associates, LLP is well known for its advocacy, understanding and skillful representation of individuals and families dealing with special needs or disability.

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, 56 million people in our country are living with a disability. The National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities (NASUAD) estimates the number of young adults with disability will rise given improvements in medical treatment, technology and extended life expectancy.

If you are caring for a loved one with special needs, we can help you ensure they have access to high-quality, long-term care.

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Focused on disability and elder law in Long Island, our attorneys help you navigate the intricacies of state and federal programs, regulations and resources. We assist you with a plan to create long-term quality of life for a loved one with disabilities or special needs. Our law firm helps you and your family in the following ways:

Knowledge: We help you navigate options, understand outcomes and provide skilled assessment as you build your special needs plan. What costs do you have now? Is transportation needed? What are longer term residential and care concerns? We work with you to understand what you — and your loved one — need in the future

Tools: Understanding present and future financial needs opens the door to tools you can use like supplemental needs trusts that provide economic safety without losing access to important government benefits. We help you set up a trust and coordinate your own estate planning to continue support for that trust when you pass on

Access: We have guided clients through special needs planning for decades in Long Island. Elder and disability law is our chosen field of legal practice. We are here when you have questions, concerns or when problems arise. You can count on us for information and committed representation over the long term

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