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If you plan to buy your first home, trade up to a larger home, or downsize now that your children are out on their own, a real estate attorney like Kassoff, Lerner & Associates, LLP can provide you with insight and legal guidance from start to finish.

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As a buyer, Kassoff, Lerner & Associates, LLP can help:

  • Explain the terms of your purchase contract

  • Protect you from hidden liabilities with respect to your new home

  • Review real estate documents that relate to your title, mortgage, and taxes

  • Register legal documents pertaining to your real estate transaction

  • Attend your closing and address your questions

  • Ensure that you possess valid ownership documentation

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As a seller, Kassoff, Lerner & Associates, LLP can help you:

  •  Ensure that your purchase and sale agreement terms properly protect your interests

  • Deal with any issues that arise with your title

  • Represent you during negotiations with the buyer and walk you through your closing

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