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After a loved one passes away, managing the affairs of his or her estate can be difficult and confusing. When you need skillful representation with estate or probate administration, we can help.

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What is Estate and Probate Administration? 

Choices are a fundamental aspect of estate planning. During the planning process, choices are made about beneficiaries, estate management and transfer of wealth. Wills and trusts are created to carry out that plan and coordinate assets. When a loved one passes away, the care and concern they showed in creating an estate plan now become your responsibility as representative of their estate.

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Scenario: You may be named executor of an estate in the will. In the absence of a will, an administration proceeding is held to name an administrator. As a representative, you are charged to administer the estate, identify assets, pay claims and wind down the business and other interests of the deceased.

We will help you understand your responsibilities and carry them out.

Probate: Without effective planning, probating a will can be burdensome and time consuming. During the estate planning or probate process, we help you take action to minimize tax and other consequences and ease asset transfer to the beneficiaries. Assets held jointly or with a named beneficiary are termed non-probate assets and are not subject to a probate proceeding. If all assets are non-probate assets, no probate proceeding is necessary.

Challenges: Legal challenges to the validity of a will or the conduct of an estate representative occur. Charges of undue influence or mental incapacity at the time of signing can lead to will or trust litigation. We will help you manage any legal challenges as smoothly as possible Careful decisions and thoughtful estate planning documents help heirs to understand and carry out the last wishes of a loved one. If you are named an estate representative, we help you respect those wishes and work with you to handle the challenges and claims you face along the way.

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